Tommy Carts

The Tommy Cart® solution for loading out debris is ideal for any job-site. Tommy Cart® is a highly maneuverable and effective alternative to Dumpsters.

Standard Features:

  • Clean, crisp look creates a professional work environment
  • Safe and Easy to maneuver
  • 6 inch poly urethane caster wheels easily roll over cords and cracks reducing floor markings
  • Equipped with a floor lock to prevent carts from moving while loading
  • Seam welded to prevent leakage
  • All steel construction to prevent sidewall bulging and blowouts
  • Carts are tapered so only the top touches walls and door jambs
  • Debris is placed directly into the cart, eliminating floor clutter and dust
  • Safely eliminates double handling of debris on the job-site
  • Clean, empty carts delivered when full carts are picked up
  • Equipped with fork lift pockets on the bottom

Call for investment opportunities:

(215) 852-4152 / (347) 268-8919

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